How to prepare for French pronunciation and ways to practice


The first step in learning French is knowing every letter and how the letters can be pronounced. Once you have learned about that, the next important step should be to practice. Without practice, you will not even have a chance to know that French accent. Just like any other language out there, the more you speak, the easier it will be for you to pronounce well. There are many things that you can do for the sake of improving your French accent and French pronunciation. Here are some of them
Listen to anything being spoken by a native French speaker

This is the first and a very important step when learning how to pronounce French. This is very important because the more you will listen to French, the better you will become. You can also be better at distinguishing sounds that are not familiar through listening to French often. By listening to French, it can also be easier for you to produce the sounds by yourself. The best way to develop your pronunciation skill is through mimicking phrases and words over and over.

Listen to yourself

The next important step is listening to yourself. There are many ways to achieve this. You can practice speaking French on your own and have some recordings of your practice. Record yourself all the time and listen to it later. You can playback as many times as you wish. By doing so, you will know and understand areas that you need to rectify and pronunciation mistakes that you may have made. Sometimes we are not aware of the mistake that we make when we speak. To notice any of them, you can record yourself then playback.
Reading out loud
When you are facing difficulties with French pronouncing certain words, what you need is a lot of practice. You can achieve better pronunciation by speaking out loud.