Our crossdraw holsters are made with the best materials

Kirk Patrick Natural leather holsters or cowboy holsters, are made to go on for generations and keep undamaged after a while, the natural leather merchandise on this esteemed and popular organization are the most popular by those that need to use them daily Your tool for sports activity seeking, professional seeking, or caring for your ranch.
Only Kirk Patrick Leather delivers top quality items, since 1950 this has been manufacturing cowboy holsters inside the very best American tanned leather, allowing them to be very tough and letting them acquire recognition for offering high quality goods.
Each of the items that Kirk Patrick Natural leather gives to suit your needs, are created so that they will not be afflicted as time passes, we have been guarantee that whatever natural leather item you select amid people who we manufacture, they are utilized daily, but still, It will probably be like new after ten years of frequent use, the passage of time is not going to use it downward.
We stand out amongst other suppliers for supplying classic designs that comply with the 1800s to go to very present day, stylish and colorful designs, not just our addresses are of superior quality, but also each of our merchandise for example belts and saddles, that like holsters withstand the onslaught of energy and continue to be undamaged.
Our leather shoulder holsters attribute stylish styles, lined and made from leather with double stitching to strengthen all the pressure details, in addition to being adorned with shiny metal components for example buckles and rivets in order that stay ahead of other companies and our designs are unique.
The ideal and greatest American organic leather material is tanned to help make each of our crossdraw holsters to face up to the completing from the many years this leather is dealt with in a way that one of our saddles may last as much as a 100 years.
For over 70 yrs, we have stayed considering providing excellent quality, tolerant, and sturdy goods, without the need of neglecting the best thing about all of our apparel.