Variations available in Cremation diamonds from ashes

Cremation precious stone can be a word that identifies human ashes changed into diamonds by the procedure of intense temperature and pressure. This post will explore the numerous types, colors, and labels of cremation diamonds.


Cremation diamonds might be classified into three kinds, particularly all-natural, man-made and man-created gemstones.

Natural cremation gemstone is created through extreme temperature and stress over a long time in nature’s laboratory – earth’s crust at depths between 50 and 100 kilometers below surface stage.

Man-produced gems result when human ashes are mixed with different elements such as graphite or copper prior to they undertake extreme temperature and pressure throughout the production process.

Man made gemstones do not contain individual ashes however are created by equipment making use of chemical contaminants to duplicate individual ashes.


Cremation diamonds are available in a selection of colours, including white-colored, glowing blue, and pink. Bright white cremation rocks are the most common sort using more than 75Per cent market place discuss, then black/dark brown jewels that make up 15Percent. Blue gems symbolize around 13Percent, while pink reaches just about 12Per cent.

Artificial individual ashes in to the diamonds method will naturally develop colorless human being ash into a precious stone if subjected to comparable situations to those found serious within an earth’s crust.

But man-made man ashes to the gemstone method will never produce colorless human ashes into diamonds because human being ashes are mixed with graphite or copper well before they experience the production method.


Cremation diamonds could be differentiated by their brands, which are often preferred to mirror a person’s personality and existence quest. These include spirit mates, character gemstones, legacy rocks, and remembrances of family members. A personalized brand can also be feasible for one who would like to keep it private from other people but nevertheless wishes that special significance coupled to the cremation gemstone they have got considered possession of after acquiring individual ashes inside a wedding service named scattering.